Code of Conduct

Code of conduct for teachers

The faculty members shall:
  • Report to the college before the commencement of college time.
  • Strictly follow the dress code.
  • Use biometric machine for attendance.
  • Wear ID card every day.
  • Be responsible to meet academic roles with regard to teaching, training and department level administrative assignments for the progress of the institution.
  • Support the personal and professional development of students.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with colleagues that will be helpful to career growth.
  • Shall involve in regular tutorials and remedial classes for improving the students' performance.
  • Should attend seminars, workshops, conference for enhancing knowledge.
  • Be responsible for doubts clarification to students in order to have clear conceptual knowledge benefit.
Code of conduct for administrators/non-teaching staff
  • Shall report to the college before the commencement of time.
  • Be responsible for professional and ethical practises in all the administrative functions.
  • Should take additional responsibilities when required as assigned by Principal.
  • Should attend their place of work punctually in accordance with their condition of services.
Institutional code of conduct for students
1. Discipline
  • Students should be punctual.
  • The students must follow the disciplinary rules and regulations of the college.
  • Any undisciplined actions are subject to punishment.
  • Students should handle the furniture and other properties with care. Damage to the furniture will lead to penalty.
  • Students shall only put waste materials in the trash to make the campus clean.
  • Students have to park the vehicles in parking area only.
  • Students should have the attendance as per University norms.
  • Visitors are not allowed to meet the students in the classroom.
  • Students should switch off the mobile phone while in the classroom and library.
  • Students are expected to spend their free time in the library.
  • Students should use the biometric attendance machine.
  • Students should maintain cleanliness in the campus.
  • Students should not remain absent without prior permission.
II.Dress code
  • Every student shall wear clean, neat and uniform, fitted to our culture and tradition.
  • The institution focus on modesty of dressings.
III. ID card
  • The students must carry college ID card every day.
  • Students should follow the academic calendar.
  • Be accountable to meet all academic activities including active participation in educations tours or field trips accompanying faculty members after obtaining required permission from parents/guardian as a mandatory process.
  • Be honest in all academic activities with staff and co-students.
  • Follow all the guidelines of the college.