Programme Learning outcomes

  • Teacher trainees possess an upbeat attitude to teaching profession and to future generation.
  • Teacher trainees encompass readiness to accept the progressive changes in the field of teaching.
  • Teacher trainees acquire the ability to address the learning needs of all wards, including of all marginalized and differently able.
  • Teacher trainees have to evaluate Creative work of students in various subjects developing values and multiple skills.
  • Teacher trainees acquire knowledge in pedagogy and Excellency in language.
  • Teacher trainees develop forbearance, the attitude to self motivation and having self awareness.
  • Teacher trainees develop their self esteem, self image and abilities.
  • Teacher trainees become inspiring teachers with professional ethics and human values.

Course Learning Outcomes

Course learning outcomes are specific, observable and measurable statements that state the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the teacher trainees by the completion of the course.

  • Teacher trainees recognize need and significance of teaching through various activities of learning.
  • Teacher trainees acknowledge the philosophical, sociological and psychological foundations of teaching through various learning activities
  • Teacher trainees inculcate the ability to apply philosophical, sociological and psychological extract of teaching in reality through various workshops.
  • Teacher trainees focus the ability to analyze different scenario of teaching.
  • Teacher trainees attain the skill of evaluating different system of teaching in the world.
  • Teacher trainees formulate their own insight on teaching through different learning practices.
  • Teacher's trainees create bright outlook about gender equality through gender education
  • Teacher trainees nurture positive attitude about inclusive education through various activities.
  • Teacher trainees internalize the ability to mould pedagogicalization of the Subject through various practice teaching programmes.
  • Teacher trainees earn the capacity to develop the methods and strategies of teaching in U.P, High school and Higher Secondary school and valuing its outcomes through different practice teaching programmes.
  • Teacher trainees inculcate the ability to expand the basic assumption of ICT in the area of teaching and learning through ICT workshops.
  • Teacher trainees nurture skills in dealing with the psychological problems of students through practice teaching.

Biometry, Leave form, Attendance register, declaration form by parents help students to avoid attendance shortage. Class room monitoring and internal assessment are based on the above stated PLOs and CLOs through various curricular and co curricular activities.