Campus and Infrastructure
Area in square meters on each floor :
SL No Floor Built up area in square meters
1 Ground Floor 1251
2 First Floor 1234.57
Total Area 1234.57

The information regarding the available infrastructure be provided in the following Table:
SL No infrastructure Whether available: Yes/No Size in sq.ft.
a. Classroom
i. Classroom 1
ii. Classroom 2
iii. Classroom 3
iv. Classroom 4
900 sq.ft.
900 sq.ft.
900 sq.ft.
900 sq.ft.
b. Multipurpose Hall Yes 1800sq.ft.
c. Library-cum- Reading Room Yes 1500sq.ft.
d. ICT Resource Centre + LCD Yes 2250sq.ft.
e. Curriculum Laboratory Yes 600sq.ft.
f. Art & Resource Centre Yes 400sq.ft.
g. Health & Physical Education Resource Centre Yes 400sq.ft.
h. Multipurpose Playfield Yes
f. ii. Whether following facilities are available in the Institution:
a. Principal's Office Yes
b. Staff Rooms Yes
c. Administrative Office Yes
d. Visitors room No
e. Separate Common room for male & female students NA
f. Seminar room Yes
g. Canteen No
h. Separate Toilet facility for female students Yes
i. Separate Toilet facility for Staff Yes
j. Separate Toilet facility for differently abled persons No
k. Parking space Yes
l. Open space for additional Accommodation Yes
m. Store room Yes
n. Medical facility Yes

Instructional Resources
1. Library
  1. Sitting capacity in the Reading Room : 100
  2. Number of Books : 5228
  3. Number of Titles : 3741
  4. Number of References books like encyclopedias,dictionaries,documents,reports : 810
  5. Names of Journals subscribed
  6. i. Edutracks
    ii. Bhashaposhini
    iii. University News
    iv. New Frontiers in Education
    v. Journal Of Educational Technology
    vi. Journal Of nglish Language Teaching
    vii. Meri Journal of Education
    viii. Indian Psychological Review
    ix. Journal of Indian Education
    x. School Science
  7. Number of Books added during the previous academic Session :50
  8. Number of Books added during the current academic Session : 63
2. ICT Resource Centre
  1. Number of Computer Systems : 15
  2. Availability of Internet Facility : Yes
  3. Accessility of Internet Facility to students : Yes
  4. Number of CD ROMs : 55

Number of Resources added during the Current Session
1. Computer : 1 Nos
2. Pen drive : 1 Nos
Number of Resources added during the Previous academic Session
1. Computer : 1 Nos
Art and Craft Resource Centre
1. MP3 Player
2. DVD Player
3. Mic
4. Amplifier
5. Speaker
6. Wireless Mic
Curriculum Laboratory
SL No Resources for Curriculum Laboratory "A" for Available and "NA" For not available
1 Resource for English Language A
2 Resource for Science Education A
3 Resource for Social Science Education Language A
4 Resource for Regional Language Education (Malayalam) A
5 Resource for core Mathematics A
6 Overhead Projector /Notice Boards/Black Boards A
7 LCD Projector A
Physical Education Resource Centre